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Sultan Al Shuaibi creates unique rings that are designed to capture the traditional values of the region and the people of the region. Every ring is hand-crafted to perfection in the Sultan Jewellery workshop and closely supervised by Sultan Al Shuaibi.


Uniquely designed gold ring with emerald gemstone in the centre decorated with colored stones.

Khatim Shahid

A tear-drop shaped ring considered as an ancient heritage with fine decorating elements, all in gold. 

Khatim Shahid

The red gemstone is the centre of attraction in this beautiful, drop-shaped ring with elaborate designing. 


This gold ring is made of small gemstones and the fine detailing complements it.

Khatim Shahid

Another drop-shaped ring with gold carvings and crystals, along with a turquoise gemstone in the center.

Khatim Maramy

A minimalistic gold band which looks vintage yet modern with its gold-grain decorations. 


This uniquely-crafted gold ring bearing a crown dome in the centre with fine embellishments on the band and the head.


A dome-shaped gold ring which is considered an ancient heritage and is inlaid with gold accents.


Gold bracelet in circular pattern elaborate with colored crystals and gemstones with minute detailing. 


Gold bracelet well designed with colored crystals and gemstones placed in a symmetrical pattern. 

Bangari Abu Shok

Gold bangle from the ancient heritage with intricate designing and conical spike details.

Bangari Hab Al Hail

Ornate gold bangle from the ancient heritage loaded with fine embellishments..


Gold cuff bangle with turquoise stones from the old Arabian tradition, crafted with fine detailing and carvings.

Lulu Sawara 

Beaded gold bracelet in a unique style with tassels and loaded with colorful crystals and stones all over.

Sawara Bangah

Full gold bracelet in a circular pattern with intricate designing from the ancient heritage. It is decorated with gold wire.

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