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Tradition Meets Fine Craftsmanship


At Sultan Jewellery, we specialize in necklaces that are native to the land. Every piece is designed to bring out your inner glow through brilliant and beautiful craftsmanship. We use only the finest materials to create dazzling masterpieces that you can wear, gift or treasure with pride.

Maryah Sabha

It is considered from the ancient and modern heritage as well. Made of gold pieces decorated with stones.


Choker necklace in bedouin style with intricate designs made of gold coins and chains inlaid with colors and Lulu pearls.

Abu Gateen

Choker necklace that is considered as ancient heritage. It consists of a gold assortment of fine designing and pure pearls.

Maryah Ma'arah

A piece of ancient heritage with modern touch, it is made of gold grains, pieces and colored stones following the crescent. 

Kursi Jaber

It is considered an ancient heritage and is composed of multi-layered coin chains of gold decorated with stones.


Placed around the neck, it is considered an ancient heritage, consisting of golden beans with crescent moon, chains and colored stones.


A fine-beaded lariat style necklace with white-beaded tassel and stunning gemstones in the centre. It is created with golden formations, lulu and assorted stones. 


 A group of beads attached together in one necklace. The flower pendant with minute details carved in gold and color formations with Lulu pearls and stones. 


A three-layered traditional gold necklace with a modern touch. It consists of a group of gold, stones and lulu pieces that are connected to each other.


A gold-beaded necklace wit stones and turquoise beads with elaborate detailing and white pearls. The turquoise beads are designed with gold. 

Maryah Shinshana

This opera style gold necklace with beads and colored stones is considered an ancient and modern heritage. The crescent with intricate designing attracts the eyes instantly!


A famous Arabian design from the Gulf in general and UAE, regarded as ancient heritage . It displays an array of gold strings with embossed coins, stones  & Lulu.

Maryah Sabha

A lariat style gold necklace that is symbolic of ancient and modern tradition. It is made with cone-shaped gold beads with minute designing and colored stones.

Maryah Hab Al Sha'eer

An opera style gold necklace with prism-designed gold chain links, it is a valuable piece of ancient heritage. The entire necklace is embossed with fine detailing on every bead.

"The Ultimate In Luxury & Style"

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