From The House Of Sultan Al Shuaibi

Tradition meets Modern Design


Sultan Al Shuaibi creates unique rings that are designed to capture the traditional values of the region and the people of the region. Every ring is hand-crafted to perfection in the Sultan Jewellery workshop using the finest jewellery making practices.

Every piece is conceived by the founder, Sultan Al Shuaibi, and fashioned to perfection using jewellery making practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. We are proud of the rings we produce and work hard to ensure that every piece is a unique testament to our love for our homeland and our respect for our customers.


The Beauty Is In the Details

Al Kawashi (Earrings)

At Sultan Jewellery, we offer 50 different designs for Al Kawashi (Earrings). Staying true to our fundamental values our earrings are made to present a beautiful and majestic combination of modern design concepts with traditional heritage.




At Sultan Jewellery, we specialize in necklaces that are native to the land. Sultan Jewellery offers the finest jewellery for head and neck wear, in addition to rings, accessories and diamonds. Every piece is designed to bring out your inner glow through brilliant and beautiful craftsmanship. We use only the finest materials to create dazzling masterpieces that you can wear, gift or treasure with pride.

Al Maryah Dag

The Al Maryah Dag is a much older variant of the Al Maryah. It is a part of UAE history and culture. This necklace is made of Ashnaf (at the heart of the necklace) and Al Maryah beans from the top.

Hezam & Tasa

The Hezam is a golden belt for women to be worn on wedding parties.

The Tasa is traditional headwear that is made of gold, with necklaces falling down on the hair.

The Hezam and Tasa can be bought and worn seperately or together. They are mainly designed for weddings that demand an extra special touch of grandeur.


Al Maryah

The Al Maryah is a necklace made of Ashnaf (at the heart of the necklace) and Al Maryah beans from the top. It is a unique part of local heritage that is designed by Sultan Al Shueibi, drawing from the teachings of his father and grandfather.


Made especially for the UAE and cherished across generations, the Murtae’sha can be worn on any occasion and is always sure to steal the spotlight. Made of Tabla (the Tabla is made of 13 pieces) it is designed so necklaces can added as per the client’s request.

We also specialize in Al Hayar (A piece to complete Murtae’sha necklaces).


There are many types of Setamy. The Setamy is usually made of 3 pieces (Ashnaf). It is one of the many hidden cultural and traditional secrets of the UAE and is well known by the people of the region. It can be worn on all occasions and is especially preferred for grand parties.


Cut For Unmatched Clarity

Luxury Diamonds

Our Diamond collection comprises of rings, necklaces and full sets. All of our collections are made from the best diamonds from Belgium and offer a unique combination of western manufacturing quality and eastern designs.

At Sultan Jewellery, we believe that the soul of the jewellery is priceless, and it comes from the values of the jeweller. We invite you to visit our showroom to experience this firsthand.


We also offer Korsi Jaber, Maryah Me’arar, Maryah Dalal, Maryah Shinshana, Bangri Collection, Bangri Abu Shok, Bangri Hab Al Hail, Bangri Bangh, Bangri Shmylat, Asawer, Khawatem (rings), Shahid Ring, Marami Ring.

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