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From The Hand & Vision Of Sultan Al Shuaibi


Through Passion

Over the last few years, Sultan Jewellery has grown tremendously. The creations designed by Sultan Al Shuaibi have become a part of the region’s heritage and culture. This is thanks to the unique designs that are carefully crafted to perfection by the Sultan Jewellery team. Every single piece is a unique creation, conceived exclusively by Sultan Al Shuaibi. Thanks to consistency in quality and unmatched beauty of design, Sultan Jewellery has participated in countless exhibitions across Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain.


To Heritage

The designs created by Sultan Al Shuaibi are created to bring together the rich heritage and traditional values of the Gulf. Sultan Jewellery is committed to winning the confidence of our valued clients. This is a fundamental belief that is the core value of the Sultan Jewellery team. Even though Sultan Jewellery has become a household name in the region, Sultan Al Shuaibi remains fully involved in the process – from A to Z. He prefers to create all of his unique designs by himself and still prefers to supervise the manufacturing process of every single product created in his workshop. In addition, every piece in the showroom is screened by Sultan Al Shuaibi before it is approved and considered to be ready to be sold.

"Discover a new world of fine traditional jewellery"

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